In Edu-Care, we try to address some of the niggling questions that bother us. Why is something the way it is? What can we do about this, that or the other? What led us to this situation? Who am I, how we view ourselves and others? What sense can we make of the world around us? It is also a platform for thoughts that otherwise stay unvoiced, unexplored, or relegated to the margins. We are constantly learning, consciously and unconsciously, from our personal and professional experiences, our interactions, and from the things we read, see and feel. Edu-Care is a space where we attempt to bring together these threads of our existence and relate them in specific and not-so-specific ways to education.

One might say that education, for us, is not only what was taught in schools but is a lifelong process of how we define ourselves through continuous negotiations. Education is an attempt to arrive at a fresh understanding and a culling out of personal values from within a matrix of received wisdom that one neither blindly accepts nor rejects. It is an attempt at a considered/critical engagement with contemporary dilemmas, debates and issues. It is this personal journey that we share with our friends in Edu-Care.

List of Previous Edu-Cares

1. Education or Schooling 14. Reading
2. Values – 1 15. Evaluation
3. Values – 2 16. Learning Attitude
4. Competition 17. Where Have the teachers Gone
5.  Changes – 1 18. Stopped
6.  Changes - 2 19.   Higher Education: Not Made in India
7.  Empowerment 20. Remaining Relevant
8.  Social Responsibility 21. Uncertain Pauses, and certain beginnings
9.   Work 22.Civil Accountability
11. Culture-Getting Started 24.Structure and Openness
12. Culture and Development 25.Spirituality and Education

13. Education and Culture

26. Freedom of Expression