CFL’s Karvaan...travelling together

Karvaan is an attempt to journey together through an exploration of alternative ways of learning, simpler lifestyles and greener pathways. It is our attempt to evolve as a community through shared experiences.

Karvaan provides adults a place to pursue their questions and inquire into what constitutes a meaningful life and connect with others on a similar journey. A space for interested individuals to re-connect with the joy of learning.

Karvaan is also a space for a different kind of fun and leisure. A space to sit undisturbed and read in the library or write. One could come together to create art, produce a street play or discuss anything from the latest movie to music to complex philosophical questions. We also host art and musical evenings - artists, singers and musicians welcome! On some weekends, we screen a documentary or hold workshops on themes of general interest.

We hope to travel with and through the support of friends. Let's travel together!