We welcome young learners (between 13 and 25 years) who seek a different kind of learning experience - that is democratic, joyful and personally meaningful. A space where what they think, feel and say matters. A space where the learners are active participants and co-design their learning. A flexible mode of functioning ensures that everyone learns at their own pace and charts their own course.

CFL’s youth programme is designed to support the needs of young learners through three core areas: -

  • to become competent, independent learners by improving their basic academic skills
  • to discover who they are, become more self-aware, relate and communicate better
  • explore and pursue their interest seriously - it could be academic subject(s) or expertise in non-academic areas or both

If some individuals are so inclined they can be supported to gain the required certification through NIOS and other distance education programmes.

A place where you design your learning with people who care for you